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About QC Consultants & Supply Inc.

QCCS-Online has been supplying laboratory instrumentation since 2001.   As Q.C Consultants & Supply Inc has grown we have expanded our web footprint by offering our product mix online with the launch of this ecommerce store. Purchase on-line 24 hours a day.   What makes buying from us unique is that we offer our clients a seamless purchase experience.  You will be able to select the tester that best suits your needs, pay for it and have it shipped to you all in one easy to use package.   Almost all of our products SHIP FOR FREE. So no annoying phone calls from a Logistics person asking for your courier account number which further adds to your overall purchase price.

If you need assistance in making your purchase decision simply contact us via telephone, email, fax or Skype.We have over 25 years experience in the test equipment business and we can assist you in making the right purchase decision. 

We ship worldwide and except most payment terms. All our prices are in US Dollars. 

Some of our key partners in supplying equipment include

  • Singleton Corporation
  • Testing Machines Inc
  • Lawson Hemphill
  • Taber Instrument Company
  • Messmer Buchel
  • Fibro Systems
  • Motic Microscopes
  • Tobias
  • Moisture Register
  • Hanni Instruments
  • E.J Cady

Credit Application

For customers who wish to establish payment terms with our company please fill in the attached Credit Application form and return to our office with a formal Purchase Order.



Here is a short list of questions buyers may have about the interactions with our ecommerce site.